Timetable by term for “Understanding Child Development and Rudolf Steiner Education” 2017.

This course explores topics across the arts, humanities, education and philosophy, all within the picture of the human being given by Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy. It offers something for everyone!

Undertaking this course will:
• Deepen your understanding of child development.
• Extend your knowledge of Rudolf Steiner Education.
• Develop your inner life.
• Provide you with an enjoyable artistic and social experience.

Endorsed Professional Development

For practicing teachers this course comes with full Professional Development endorsement of hours completed over a three year period. A Certificate of Professional Development for 96 hours is issued at the end of each of the three years of study, amounting to a total of 288 hours.
Teachers in Steiner Schools will be enlivened for their daily work based upon the comprehensive overview this program offers; teachers working in the mainstream educational system will find new ideas, approaches to teaching, and inspiration to bring to their classroom.

For Parents and others interested in Steiner pedagogy

Parents and others with an interest in Steiner pedagogy will equally develop insight and understanding into how Steiner education meets the developmental needs of their unfolding child over the phases of life from birth to 7 years, primary years age 7-14, and high school years age 14 and beyond.


Theme by year
Term 1
Wed 15TH Feb- 29th MARCH
Term 2
Wed 26TH April-21st June
Term 3
Wed 19th July-13TH Sept
Term 4
Wed 11th Oct-22nd Nov
Year One
Pedagogy and Child Development
Singing, and Introduction to Steiner Education Eurythmy, and the role of imagination in healthy child development. Painting, and the role of fairy tales, myths and legends in shaping world consciousness. Speech/Drama and myths/legends for upper primary.
Year Two
Anthroposophical Studies- works
by Rudolf Steiner
Form Drawing, and Theosophy. Painting for the Classroom, and Study of Man. Storytelling, and study of Art of Education. Sculpture and Philosophy of Freedom, and Knowledge of Higher Worlds.
Year Three
Curriculum Studies
Curriculum Studies, Sculpture and Early Childhood to Class one and two. Painting for the Classroom, and Curriculum Studies Classes 3-4. Storytelling, and Curriculum Studies Classes 5-6. Sculpture, Extra Lesson, Anthroposophical Medicine.

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