Artistic activity: Development of the imagination and storytelling.

Curriculum studies: Classes 5-6

Although it is highly necessary that each person should be fully awake in later life, the child must be allowed to remain as long as possible in the peaceful, dreamlike condition of pictorial imagination in which his early years of life are passed. For if we allow his organism to grow strong in this nonintellectual way, he will rightly develop in later life the intellectuality needed in the world today.
—Rudolf Steiner, A Modern Art of Education

This term we explore the faculty of imagination as a fundamental component of healthy child development, within Rudolf Steiner’s picture of the human being. It considers:
• the activity of imagining;
• open ended creative play;
• storytelling, archetypes and their relationship to developing the child’s inner life;
• how stories from childhood enrich the life of adults; and
• imagination and its connection to healthy sense perception. Every imagined picture carries with it a fundamental feeling.

Curriculum studies: we will continue to explore the curriculum belonging to Classes 5-6 in relation to stages of child development.