An Intensive Course for High School Steiner Teachers
Years 7 to 12
Monday 14th January-Friday 18th January 2019

Caring for the Adolescent- Inspiration and Engagement.

The Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Teacher Training Seminar will hold its third Steiner High School Teachers Intensive program of Professional Development from 14-18th January 2019. This conference builds on the foundation established in the first two conferences “Caring for the Adolescent” by investigating the theme of Inspiration and Engagement.

Teachers today face great challenges in keeping adolescents engaged. Most high school teachers will have looked to each other for support and guidance as they seek to engage and maintain the engagement of their students. This Intensive will provide an opportunity to really explore how student engagement and inspiration are borne from the teacher’s intuition. What does this mean for teacher development?

There are two key aspects concerning the cultivation of the subject teacher’s capacity of intuition as a cognitive function: the first is that the teacher must fully inhabit his or her subject, such that they become one and the same! This is a deep expertise, which provides a rich intuitive well from which the teacher can draw upon creatively, with passion and vitality, to excite and inspire students.

Second, the subject expert must develop his or her spiritual inner life, working with a spiritual perspective in order to know how to bring the right thing at the right time. By working out of an understanding of themes which meaningfully speak to the stage of adolescent development, the teacher can shift students from disinterested cynicism to inspired engagement.

For this Intensive we welcome our keynote speakers Robert Martin and Robert Gordon:

Robert Martin will open the program with a talk on the spiritual beings which support the education. Rob Gordon will present the subsequent  three keynote lectures on the theme of the adolescent’s developing body, soul and ego. The final day will be a panel discussion reviewing the theme.

Subject studies: teachers will have the opportunity to enrol into two separate subjects (morning/afternoon) in which experienced high school specialists will guide collegial sharing and learning. Subjects may not be offered where there are insufficient enrolment numbers (min 4). If this happens, you may be asked to make an alternative choice. You will find a list of available subjects and their blocking on the full program published on our website.

You can view the program here.

Overview of Keynote Lectures.

About Rob Gordon

Rob Gordon is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist who has worked with adolescents in individual and group psychotherapy for over 40 years in hospital and private practice.  He consults to government, health, education and welfare agencies and has consulted to Steiner Schools.  He spent 5 years in curative education at the start of his career and has studied anthroposophy for 50 years.

Lecture 1: The adolescent’s developing body.

Adolescence is a period of physical development only exceeded by the changes of infancy.  The body is the house of the soul and the home of the spirit.  The rapid changes have implications for all aspects of their development.  In particular they become vulnerable to strong drives and impulses belonging to adulthood before they understand what is happening to them.  At the same time they feel powerful counteracting feelings of inhibition and fear of their bodies.  They may or may not get the support and understanding they need from their families.  The presentation will draw on experience working with adolescents in individual, family and group contexts to understand how to recognise changes and their implications for their soul and spiritual life and to offer some thoughts about how to support them during these difficult times.

Lecture 2:  The adolescent’s developing soul. 

The soul develops in all dimensions of experience during the adolescent years.  This can be exciting and creative but is also confusing and frightening.  Thinking feeling and willing develop in uneven and alarming ways.   The demands for independence and respect alternate with the need for emotional support and care appropriate to a younger child.  Understanding their soul development is a major problem during this time as they awaken to anxiety and depression.  Often their emerging capacities are fickle, unstable and only open an awareness that further burdens them.  The relation to time is difficult to maintain and so everything feels eternal.  The presentation will consider some signs that things are going well or are not and techniques for communication and self- reflection to support them.

Lecture 3:  The adolescent’s developing ego

Human life is the journey of the incarnating ego.  Adolescence is the point where it begins to manifest in the soul life and begin to be self-conscious.  This painful self-consciousness is a major challenge which leads to a range of problems in relation to the self.  The ego is held and develops in the relation to the people who relate to the adolescent and is expressed in terms of their emerging identity.  There are a variety of predictable identity crises during these years however, there are some simple communication techniques which enhance the adolescent’s self-awareness and self-identity.  The effectiveness of these take time to manifest but since the ego is not bound by time, those who are an important part of the adolescent’s life have a unique capacity to enhance their ego development into their adulthood.  Understanding the important ego development in the next phase of life, is an important basis for meeting the adolescent.


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When: Monday 14th January-Friday 18th January 2019
Where: Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Seminar
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Catering for this conference includes morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea. For visitors staying on for the evening there are options to pre-book and purchase an evening meal. If you wish to do this it is essential for planning purposes that you nominate this on the online application form. Monday to Wednesday nourishing catered evening meal ($18 per night) and interest groups, by arrangement.


School Gymnasium: space and showers are available at the neighbouring Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School gymnasium which is two minutes away on foot. Bring your own sleeping mat, bag and pillow. Breakfast available at the Seminar.

Camping: you are welcome to bring a tent, mat and bag and camp on the grounds of the Seminar. Showers available at the school gymnasium.

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