Term 4 program

Artistic activity: Speech and Drama.

This term offers an active experience and understanding of the formative power of speech and gesture. It will engage participants in a direct experience of the threefold nature of the human being, expressing thinking, feeling and willing through language and drama. Join with others to develop your voice and expressive body language skills to bring verses and poems to life. Through Speech and Drama, we have an opportunity to develop our own expressive qualities, and to deepen skills for working with voice and gesture with children.


Lecture and discussion: Myths and Legends and how they contribute to child development (children in the Upper Primary)

This term we continue our conversation about the significance of myths and legends in relation to human development. We will move through the mythologies and literature suitable for children aged 11- 14 (classes 5-8).
This will include examples of myths and literature from Ancient India, Persia, Greece and Rome, and stories of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.
Our discussion will consider the enormously significant and enduring influence of fairy tales on the evolution of human consciousness.

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