Artistic activity: Recorder playing, plus games, rhymes, verses for young children.
Curriculum Studies: Kindergarten, Class 1-2

This second year of the course provides a comprehensive foundation for understanding the curriculum taught to children in Steiner Schools. Led by highly experienced classroom teachers, we will consider what we teach and why we teach it. How does this curriculum meet the stages of child development?
The overview begins with an exploration of the phase of child development from 0-7 years, with a focus on development of imagination, creative play, the morning circle, the structure of the day and rhythm of the week.

We then move through the ‘horizontal’ curriculum, discussing all the Main Lessons and teaching methodologies that are brought to the Primary Classes 1-8.
This Curriculum Studies year offers professional development and support for teachers in Steiner schools, inspiration for teachers in other educational settings who are seeking fresh ideas and nourishment for their own professional practice.
It also provides a solid framework for parents who really want to understand the education they have chosen for their child.

Artistic activity: this term our artistic activity will be recorder playing, learning simple recorder music suitable for children in Classes 1-2. W

e will also consider nursery rhymes, verses, and little games. Please bring an inexpensive recorder which you can purchase from a music shop.

Curriculum: this term we will focus on the educational practices beginning in Early Childhood (kindergarten and Prep) and extending to Classes 1-2.
We will consider pedagogical principles suitable for Early Childhood such as
• the consciousness of the child
• Rhythm of the day/week
• Creative play
• Will based education
• The four lower senses.
• Nourishment of the life forces.
• pedagogical basis of the teacher as a role model worthy of imitation,
• the kindergarten weekly timetable, balancing purposeful activities such as storytelling, morning circle, painting, gardening, craft , cooking with creative play

Moving to the lower primary classes 1-2, we continue our study of child development and consider the curriculum and teaching methodologies including:

  • Fairy tales, Fables and legends, Stories from the Dreaming, the Saints, and Celtic myths.
  • Literacy: Introducing the Alphabet / Letters, Reading, writing
  • Numeracy: Introducing the quality of numbers, counting, the four mathematical processes.
  • Form Drawing (a topic unique to Steiner education)
  • Geography: study of local Surroundings
  • Science: study of Kingdoms of nature
  • Arts
  • Music
  • Speech
  • Drama
  • Painting
  • Modelling
  • Eurythmy
  • Physical Education: Children’s games, gross and fine motor coordination activities.