Term 3 program.

Artistic activity: Storytelling

This term we will explore the art of storytelling for primary age children.

Lecture and discussion: Rudolf Steiner’s A Modern Art of Education.

A Modern Art of Education, Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures presented in Yorkshire, England, 1923

Rudolf Steiner said that these lectures for teachers were designed to show “how Waldorf methods are related to present-day civilization.”

After an introduction, in which he speaks of reuniting science (intellectual knowledge), art, and morality once again, he turns to the principles of Classical education, in which body, soul, and spirit were still regarded as a unity. He then traces the development through the Middle Ages, during which new, evolving elements were added. In our time, he says, we must understand the concrete connection of the spirit with the human being, so that thinking, feeling, and willing can once more become alive. He relates this to the child’s developmental stages, as well as the human basics such a sleeping and waking. Then he turns to the specifics of the curriculum: reading, writing, nature study, arithmetic, geometry, history, physics, chemistry, crafts, language, and religion. Finally, he turns to memory, the temperaments, physical culture, art, and the actual organization of a Waldorf school.

Tutor: Jean Michel David

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Veil painting in green from Sam