Artistic activity: Form Drawing

Curriculum Studies: Classes 3-4

 Form Drawing

Form drawing is a practice which has many varied benefits to human development and has an important role in Steiner education. There are several different approaches to form drawing; each one develops and nurtures individual aspects of our selves.
Form drawing teaches us to work with the balance of the straight and the curved line and the spaces created in between. Form drawing encourages thinking, feeling and will development, and it works deeply on our sense development, in particular the senses of: touch, life, movement and balance.
This term we will complete an artistic workbook of form drawings as follows:
• Exploration of the straight and the curve
• Separate lines and forms
• Symmetric and mirroring
• Rhythm work
• Running forms
• Weaving forms
• Dynamic drawing
• Growth forms/transformations
• Freehand Geometrical forms

Tutor: Tania Hungerford-Gerth

Curriculum studies:Classes 3-4

We will continue our exploration of the curriculum belonging to Classes 3-4 and how it relates to stages of child development.


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