Term Three program.

Artistic activity: Play simple songs on the recorder.

Please bring a descant recorder to class each week, and together we will develop some basic musical skills on the recorder.
Recorder is introduced to children in Steiner Schools in Class 1. Over the term we will master a repertoire of songs of the early primary class period, developing musical expression, technique and dynamics in basic recorder playing. Everyone can learn to play recorder!

Curriculum Studies: Child development and the curriculum of Classes 5-6

This term explores the stages of development of the child aged eleven and twelve, and the curriculum of Classes Five and Six.
Topics include:

Botany painting

Myths and literature from Ancient India, Ancient Persia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece ,Ancient Rome

Advanced Grammar

Numeracy: Decimals, percentages, ratios


Form Drawing (a topic unique to Steiner education)

Geography:  Mapping
History: Ancient India, Persia, Egypt, Greece, Rome.
Science:  Plant Kingdom and Human Being, Mineral Kingdom and Human Being, Astronomy, Physics

Music- orchestra and string instruments.

MRSS Open Day 2013 Classrooms 031 for the web



Physical Education: Bothmer Gym, sport

Tutor: Pauline David and guests.


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