Artistic activity: Painting through the curriculum.

We will complete a portfolio of paintings in tandem with the unfolding primary curriculum, considering colour, technique, themes and gestures.

Tutor: Wolfgang Masheck

Norse paintings

Curriculum studies.

This term explores the stages of development of the child aged nine and ten, and the curriculum of Classes Three and Four.

Topics include:
Child Development: “Crossing the Rubicon” (Children go through a healthy and natural middle childhood crisis as a transition from early childhood to a close and strong encounter with their individual identity).

Literacy: Hebrew and Norse mythology, Grammar
Numeracy: Measurement, fractions.
Form Drawing (a topic unique to Steiner education)
Geography: Farming, local Geography
History: local history
Science:  Housebuilding, Human and Animal Main Lesson
Music- orchestra and string instrument

Noah's Ark


Physical Education: Bothmer Gym, children’s games

Tutors: Pauline David with guests.

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