Term four program.

Artistic activity: Sculpture

This term we will have an experience of the modelling curriculum, from Kindergarten to Class 6, using beeswax and clay. We will consider modeling and relevant materials,  in relationship to stages of child development.

Tutor: Tania Hungerford.

Lecture and discussion: Rudolf Steiner’s Philosophy of Freedom and Knowledge of Higher Worlds.

At the age of 33, Steiner published what is considered one of his most important works: Philosophy of Freedom (Philosophy of Spiritual Activity). In this book, which Steiner also describes as a training manual, the foundations of his theory of knowledge and ethical insights are presented in full philosophical splendour. Steiner revised the book in 1918, making numerous additional notes to various chapters to either address various misunderstandings that had become apparent or to elucidate the central points made. The first part of the book addresses, through questions pertaining to epistemology, the True; the second sections ethical considerations surrounding the Good; and throughout, permeated by considerations of elements related to Love and the Beautiful.

Elements of the other book we will consider arise from keys sections from his Knowledge of the Higher Worlds (How to Know Higher Worlds), one of his other key texts.

These two will form the basis out of which considerations for maintaining the inner life of the teacher will emerge.

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