Term 4 program

Artistic activity: Sculpture.

This term we will have an experience of the modelling curriculum, from Kindergarten to Class 6, using beeswax and clay. We will consider modeling and relevant materials,  in relationship to stages of child development.

Lecture and discussion: Extra Lesson and Anthroposophical Medicine

The Extra Lesson derives its name from work begun in the 1970’s in England, by Audrey McAllen. Taking up Rudolf Steiner’s many lectures about the developing child, she was inspired to develop a first lesson of assessment techniques and then a curriculum of movement, speech, drawing and painting exercises for children found to have learning barriers. This term we will discuss the characteristics of the Extra Lesson, and how a practitioner works with a child to assist him/her with working through learning issues.
We will also discuss medicine and human health from an anthroposophical perspective with an Anthroposophical Medical doctor.

Tutors: Anne Marie Ezergalis and Dr Paolo Moraes.

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Anthroposophical Medicine painting by Sam