About the Presenters


Lisa Devine: Lisa is a psychologist and counsellor who has worked with young people at risk. She continues to provide chaplaincy and counselling support to young people in Steiner schools in Victoria and New South Wales. Lisa is a Eurythmist and Priest of the Christian Community, based in Sydney.



Lynette Doyle (B.Sc.  B.Ed): Lynette has been involved with Anthroposophy for just over 30 years, completing the Parsifal College training in Sydney in 1988.  She did the Steiner School High School Block training in (2001-2003). During the block training and other educational workshops she was fortunate to have had science teachers such as Peter Glasby and Dr. Manfred von Mackenson.  The Mt Barker School has a science curriculum which is able to follow Steiner’s indications throughout the High School as the students are not obliged to follow the state curriculum.

For the past 18 years, Lynette has worked at the Mount Barker Waldorf School teaching chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics.  Lynette was one of the facilitators and organisers of the Science Teacher’s Conference for Deepening Understanding of the Steiner Science Curriculum and Developing its Implementation which was held at the Mount Barker School in April 2015. Lynette is married and has a 28 year old son.  She is a committee member of the Anthroposophical Society in South Australia.



Corey Flynn: Corey has been an IT & PE teacher for 21 years. She joined the staff at Little Yarra Steiner School in 2014 and has been developing the both the IT and PE programs there in line with the new curricula. Technology has played a large part in her life through teaching and her work in public and private sectors.



Dr Rob Gordon: Rob is a clinical psychologist who has worked with children and adolescents for 30 years. He runs a private practice, and consults to Government and other organisations in the area of trauma and community health. He was deeply involved in the response to the Bali bombings, the Christchurch earthquake, Black Saturday bushfires, the Canberra firestorm, as well as many other large-scale disasters.  He has advised the Red Cross and governments on how to assist individual people and whole communities as they rebuild and recover.  Rob is a regular speaker at Steiner Schools and other organisations around Australia, and works extensively with adolescents and their families.



Tom Hungerford: Tom has taught in Steiner Schools for 25 years, principally as a Bothmer Gymnast and Phys Education Teacher but also extensively in the High School in the Hard Crafts with projects such as leather book binding, and shoe making. Tom is currently the Class 4 Teacher at Sophia Mundi School in Melbourne. During this subject study, Tom will work with teachers on creating a hand bound leather notebook and will discuss this activity in relation to working with adolescents.




Robert Martin: Robert is a founding teacher of the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School in Victoria, which recently celebrated its 45th anniversary. Robert has taught across the breadth of the school, but over the past twenty years has worked closely with adolescents in the upper high school, where he teaches VCE Biology.


Wolfgang Maschek: Wolfgang, born in Germany, has lived in Melbourne for 33 years. After working for more than 30 years in Rudolf Steiner schools, he is now a full-time tutor in teacher training at the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Seminar. In the classroom, he spent the last 10 years mainly in the High School, teaching most subjects in classes 7 & 8 and focusing on Humanities in classes 9 & 10. At the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Seminar, he is in charge of curriculum studies (Math, History, Literacy and Art), Communication Skills, Planning Skills and Drama as well as Professional Development for practicing class teachers.


Alison McKean: Alison has taught in Steiner schools including at a State school with Steiner Stream, across all year levels in Melbourne since 1998. Originally beginning her journey as an instrumental music teacher, Alison discovered early on that she enjoyed the challenges and complexities of working with adolescents. Alison has worked extensively on creating Main Lessons within a wide range of subjects including English, Music, Science, Horticulture and Humanities subject areas, using Anthroposophical impulses to connect, guide and support student development. She has a keen interest in how Steiner education can support all students, particularly those with special needs. Alison also has a deep interest in continuing to collaboratively develop curriculum documents that are practical and resourceful.



Terri McMillan: Terri is a teacher of 30 years experience in a Steiner School and 5 years in the State system. She co-founded the Maindample Steiner School (now Mansfield); took two classes through the Primary Class Teacher period, and has been a senior geography teacher for past 10 years. Terri co authored the Steiner Geography Curriculum for the Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework.



Michael Nekvapil: Michael was a member of the founding Board of Directors of Canberra Rudolf Steiner School (Orana), a year before premises were found and the first students were enrolled.

Before taking on Class 1 in 1986, he taught the sessional kindergarten for 3 years and was also bursar and maintenance man. Completing class 6, Michael subsequently taught the next two class 6 classes before taking the third class 6 on to classes 7 and 8, extending the Class Teacher period so that the High School years could be pioneered. From 1996 he taught Maths and Science as well as being a continuous Class Guardian in the High School until leaving for Melbourne at the end of 2015.

Over the years, Michael developed a great interest in the adolescent. To quote someone, ‘The primary child learns about the world through their teacher(s); the High School ‘child’ learns about their teacher through the subject taught.’ Having been a generalist class teacher, he became a specialist subject teacher. The (Goethean) Science courses he attended, presented by Manfred von Mackensen and Peter Glasby in Adelaide, encouraged his great love of teaching Physics, Chemistry and Maths, as both Main and Practice lessons.

Liz Nevieve 

Liz completed her eurythmy training at the Eurythmeum in Stuttgart, Germany. Since then she has worked as a performer and teacher. She collaborated with fellow eurythmists to create and choreograph programs for The Sydney Eurythmy Company, A Pocketful of Players and Flow Eurythmy Ensemble, performing in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Liz has taught Eurythmy to high school students at Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School over a 15+ year career and has also directed and staged many of Glenaeon’s Shakespeare productions and musicals. Throughout this time she developed a deep understanding of how eurythmy, drama and other movement arts may be brought in a way which engages adolescents. Her experience in teaching high school Eurythmy led her to co-author the ACARA recognised Eurythmy syllabus, and interest in curriculum and Steiner education in general resulted in her building an understanding of how interweaving curriculum elements can reveal spiritual reality and support the developing young person throughout the upper secondary years. Liz is also a faculty member of the newly founded Eurythmy training, Pacifica, College of Eurythmy, and looks forward to supporting the continued development of Eurythmy in Australia.


Rod Tomlinson: Rod  has been working in Steiner Schools in New South Wales and Tasmania since the mid-1980s, teaching Primary-aged children, adolescents and adults. His approach emphasises a fresh reading of Steiner’s indications in an effort to renew our understanding, assisting us in our search for contemporary content and approaches relevant for our time; “That is what we need… if you have an ideal before you, at least under some circumstances, you can work in that direction, even if it takes a century.” (23.I.1923, GA 300b.)   Rod’s particular interests and areas of study are classical and modern European languages, the classics of world literature and philosophy.





Julia White: Julia is a practising artist who also has taught Art throughout the secondary school (Years 7-12) at Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School for 20 years. She has been a Tutor at the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Seminar teaching Art History to adults, as well as sculpture.





Tricia Zwierlein

Patricia has been teaching Mathematics and Science (Physics) at the Little Yarra Steiner School for 7 years. She completed a Bachelor of Science in 2000 and, after working in the construction industry and having children, returned to complete her Diploma of Education in 2011. Patricia undertook the Steiner High School Seminar (at Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Seminar) in 2012 and has been involved in all of the combined Victorian Steiner Schools curriculum days. As a part of her work with Little Yarra she has taught all of the Mathematics Main Lessons from Class 9 to Class 12, including Projective Geometry.